Private Investment and Operating Partners

For Founders and Family Office Investors. We buy, operate and improve middle market businesses in the Technology and Industrial Sectors.

Advisory Services

We offer advisory services to select CEOs and private equity investors who are laser-focused on Cash Flow-Positive, Profitable and Sustained Growth and Value Creation.

Strategic Planning

Market & Competitive Assessment
Mission, Vision & Goals
Balanced Scorecard Design

Value Creation

Full Potential Analysis
Improvement Identification
Blueprint Implementation Design

Go-to-Market Strategy

Customer & Competitive Analysis
Value Proposition Development
Pricing, Promotion & Execution

Operational Improvement

Process Assessment & Redesign
Operational Plan Development
Project Portfolio Management

M&A Advisory

Industry & Target Acquisition Analysis
Deal Sourcing Support
Commercial Due Diligence

Capital Raising Support

Business Model & Plan Design
Pitch Deck Development
Offering Memorandum Support

Investment Criteria & Target Sectors

We invest in positive cashflow companies with revenues between $5M and $15M that are operating in the technology and industrial sectors, which have potential for significant revenue growth and operational improvements. 

Information Technology

We invest in mature but still growing technology companies that have an emphasis on improving the operations and processes of industrial companies. 

Logistics & Distribution

We invest in logistics and distribution companies that store, ship and move a wide variety of manufactured goods, from raw materials to finished goods. 

Real Estate & Construction

We invest in and buy companies that are operating in the built environments, including the building and civil construction and real estate sectors.

Industrial Manufacturing

We invest in and buy industrial manufacturing companies that have achieved some success and profitability but have room for operational efficiency and growth.

Investment & Ownership Approach

Elevation Gained Partners uses a disciplined and thorough approach to source and value target investments and improve operations and increase cash flow in our portfolio companies.

Sector Screening & Deal Generation

Sector Analysis, Target Screening, Thesis Development and Deal Flow Identification & Sourcing

Commercial & Operational Diligence

Market Segmentation & Sizing, Business Model Review, Operational & Process Audits & Business Plan Feasibility

Post-Acquisition Value Creation

Go-to-Market Strategy Planning, Salesforce Effectiveness, Process Improvement & Tech Enablement

Growth & Exit Strategy Development

Growth Strategy Assessment & Planning, Seller Facilitation and Financial & Valuation Modeling

Value Creation Themes

We focus on 3 core value creation themes to drive successful improvements in companies to increase cashflow and returns on investment to our limited partner investors.

Operating Improvements

We use our extensive operational execution, process improvement and financial management experience to identify and implement improvement opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, all while sustaining stable and energetic change management and program plans.  

Leadership Effectiveness

We assess opportunities for increased leadership and management effectiveness, including making executive succession decisions, providing resources for middle management and individual contributors to implement improvement opportunities effectively, while supporting team members’ career growth plans.

Growth & Technology Strategy

Using our deep background in corporate and technology strategy and extensive knowledge of tech markets, we implement tactics that fully execute the most relevant growth strategies, including market expansion, product development and digitalization through advanced yet cost-effective technologies.

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